CREED PROJECT        The CREED (Center for Renewable Energy Education and Demonstration) Project, the brainchild of Roger Aiken BSc, ME(Elect) was an educational nonprofit set up to provide energy/conservation classes/courses to high and middle school science, math and tech. ed. teachers in Minnesota for graduate credits at the Masters level.  These were held in cooperation with Hamline University’s Department of Science Education, with CREED Project providing the instruction and Hamline the graduate credits.  A few classes were offered at Hamline, but the majority of the instruction was offered through two-week live-in courses for teachers at the Laurentian Environmental Center near Virginia in Northern Minnesota.  Two live-in courses for teachers were also held at the Minnesota West Community and Technical College at Granite Falls in cooperation with Southwest Minnesota State University.

        Roger Aiken became the Project’s first Executive Director in the late 1990s and subsequently its Lead Instructor in the 2000s.  He was ably assisted in the instruction given to teachers by Carl Sandness of Hibbing

Others who also assisted with the instruction were: -

Darryl Thayer of Minneapolis

Gregory Pusch of Plymouth

Rich Huelskamp of Red Wing

        The courses provided for teachers were arranged into eight groups as follows: -

        Group 0. Energy Basics.

        Group 1. Mathematics for Energy Problem Solving.

        Group 2. Solar Direct.

        Group 3. Solar Meteorological – Wind and Waves.

        Group 4. Solar Photosynthetic – Biomass.

        Group 5. Building Energy Systems.

        Group 6. New Energy Technologies.

        Group 7. Energy Policy.

For credit, teachers were required to take tests on the lecture material, carry out labs and solve problems.  Over 200 teachers took some of the courses but only those who completed all the work required for the Hamline credits received Graduate Credit Certificates.

        One other person who assisted us when we launched CREED Project was Will Nabors  He set up our domain name for us to which my e-mail address is attached.


        More recently Roger Aiken has authored a couple of books.  These are: -


1.   “God, Creation, Discovery, Awe – Essays on General

Revelation”, Xulon Press, ISBN 978-1-5456-4507-9 (hard cover) and 978—1-5456-4506-2 (paper back).

This book is about the attributes of God that are plainly to be seen in creation.  In the universe, in planet earth, and in life itself.  Scientific discoveries, especially those made in the last two centuries have reinforced this conclusion and furthermore have amazed us all with the remarkable intricacy, precision, elegance and beauty of these findings.  From the finely tuned values of the physical constants that control the universe to the remarkable structure of the DNA double helix and the intriguing mathematics of the genetic code, we see a plan, a design that begs the question, who did this?  The author states that he believes God, in his eternal power and divine nature was the designer, and that he put it all together.


2. “Halfway Round the World in 60 Days – 1961 Travelogue”, CREED Project, ISBN 978-0-578-87031-1.

This book is about a trip the author made back in 1961 from his native New Zealand to England.  It took him 60 days during which time he visited old friends and missionaries who had predated him in leaving the country.  You will follow him by way of Sydney, Brisbane, New Guinea, Manilla, Singapore, India, Pakistan, Iran, Beirut, Athens. Rome and Zurich.  You will be surprised by some of the things he found along the way.


Both books are available from Amazon or, for an autographed copy, from the author.